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Artstation should protect the artist under their plattform. The tech evolution is something normal but this AI is stealing works and for Artstation it´s OK, it´s unrespectful position about the artist works.

A lot of companies use Arstation to find artist, thanks to the AI these companies could have doubts about if they are contacting with someone with artistic skills or only with typing skills...Maybe in a near future we will see how the companies changes the methods to contact with the people because they need to be sure that the artist can do exactly that they want, and right now Artstation is a bit confusing.

It´s OK if someone withouth artistic skills use the AI ( I´m not against the new tools) but you can´t say that the final result is yours because is not.
Artstation should be a plattform for artist who create art not for helping to the AI to stole their works, if this is the respect that Artstation have for the art all the artist maybe we need to go to another plattform more respectul with the artist works.

The new tag #NoAI is not enough... it should be NoAI by default and if someone wants to add their works for the AI database but it should be something voluntere.

Now Artstation has a lot of AI works without any clarification about their AI process and a lot of these people is looking for work as traditional/ digital artist, it´s terrible because these people are selling a lie and that is confusing for companies looking for artists here... It´s something bad for the Artstation reputation but looks like if it´s not important for they, so I´m removing my gallery day by day, in few time Artstation will be a platform only for AI, so sad...